Jewellery valuation for Sapphire and diamond earrings Blue sapphire and diamond earrings

Types of Valuation...


Valuation for Insurance replacement

This is the typical type of valuation sought, and is compiled on the basis of what a broadly similar article will cost to replace in the unfortunate event of loss or damage. The figures represent average retail prices in the usual, local market. The description should be full and adequately detailed to enable a comparable article(s) of similar quality to be obtained in the event of a claim being submitted to your insurer. 



Your jewellery is inspected and, if neccesary, cleaned before being digitally photographed and expertly appraised; all relevant details are recorded such as stone type, quality, dimensions and weight, hallmark, setting style and finish. Diamonds are assessed for colour and clarity, and certificate/report details of certified diamonds are included in the schedule. We will also advise you of any repairs needed to keep your jewellery in a safe and wearable condition.

Open Market Valuation for the purpose of Inheritance Tax Assessment (Probate)

Unlike an insurance valuation which indicates the full retail replacement value, this lower assessment is based on amounts likely to be achieved at auction. It is determined by the worth of the materials, prevailing tastes and the condition and state of wear of the items. 

Valuation for Family Division

In the event of a divorce, an open market valuation for the purpose of family division will establish the value of your jewellery for consideration by the Court so that they can be divided fairly between parties.


As JVA Registered Valuer's we will act impartially to ensure the figures reached can be fully justified to all parties


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