Jewellery Valuation Fees

Our Fees are based on the number of items and amount of work involved as opposed to being based on the actual value of your jewellery. We feel this is a more ethical and fairer structure of charging, giving you the advantage of knowing in advance how much your jewellery valuation is going to cost.

Valuations for Insurance, Probate and Open Market

Jewellery Portfolio report Jewellery Portfolio Valuation Report



  • Document Fee £65
  • Each Gem set item and watch £60
  • Non Gem set items £30
  • Group of five similar lower value items £90
  • Premium items (see note below) from £90



​Premium items include large and complicated pieces, and jewellery that requires more research such as diamonds over 1.00ct. However most items are charged at the standard rate.

Diamonds over 1.00ct are charged at £75 per carat. All fees include VAT at the standard rate.


Rolex Watch £60
0.75ct diamond engagement ring £60
Platinum wedding band £30
Document Fee £65
Total £215
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