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We understand that it can be difficult to know whether your jewellery needs a professional valuation, it is for this reason that we offer a free appointment to discuss your requirements. Should you require a valuation, it will be charged at the standard rate:


  • Document Fee £65
  • Each Gem set item and watch £60
  • Non Gem set items £30
  • Group of five similar lower value items £90
  • Premium items (see note below) from £90

​Premium items include large and complicated pieces, and jewellery that requires more research such as diamonds over 1.00ct. However most items are charged at the standard rate.

Diamonds over 1.00ct are charged at £75 per carat. All fees include VAT at the standard rate.


Tim Bicknell DGA FJVA is a Fellow and Founder Member of the Jewellery Valuers Association, and has been a professional regisiered valuer since 2002


As a Registered Valuer with The Jewellery Valuers Association, our jewellery and watch valuations are accepted by all Insurance companies. To find out more about the Jewellery Valuers Association click here

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